Poems from Guantánamo

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Poems From Guantánamo
Author Marc Falkoff
Country United States
Language English
Publisher University of Iowa Press
Publication date
Pages 84 pp

Poems from Guantanamo is a collection of 22 poems by 17 Guantanamo detainees published by Marc Falkoff, a US professor of law with a doctorate in American literature.[1][2][3]


  • I Shall Not Complain, Abdulaziz
  • Lions in the Cage, Ustad Badruzzaman Badr
  • Cup Poem 1, Shakih Abdurraheem Muslim Dost
  • Cup Poem 2, Shakih Abdurraheem Muslim Dost
  • Two Fragments, Shakih Abdurraheem Muslim Dost
  • I Am Sorry, My Brother, Othman Abdulraheem Mohammad
  • My Heart Was Wounded by the Strangeness, Abdulla Majid al Noaimi, the Captive of Dignity

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