Pohang Steel Yard

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Pohang Steel Yard
Blast Furnace
Pohang080413 1.jpg
Location South Korea, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Pohang, Nam-gu, Jeomchonsa-dong, 1-6
Opened November 1, 1990
Owner Pohang Steelers
Operator Pohang Steelers
Surface Grass
Capacity 25,000
Pohang Steelers

Pohang Steel Yard is a football stadium in Pohang, South Korea. It is the home stadium of Pohang Steelers. The stadium holds 25,000 people and was built in 1990 (It is the first football-specific stadium in Korea.)

It's balcony typed structure presents a full view at any place to the spectators for a close look and its roof makes shades for them under the sun. the stadium has a seating of 25,000 along with supporters' seats of 500, which are located at the left side of headquarters. the supporters' seats, equipped in 1999, are the exclusive place for supporters and they are the first and only facilities among domestic stadiums. In the Pohang stadium, the distance between the playground and the spectatators' seats is so close that the spectators inside the stadium can hear even the sounds of breathing of the players during the match.

In 2003, the stadium was upgraded with full repair works such as changing all-season lawn, securing up-to-date sound facilities, and furnishing new lockers for players. The electric scoreboard and lightings, sound facilities and convenient facilities are appraised as good as those of the World Cup Stadiums.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 35°59′52.01″N 129°23′3.27″E / 35.9977806°N 129.3842417°E / 35.9977806; 129.3842417