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Pohjolan Voima Oy (PVO) is the second biggest Finnish energy company, which owns hydropower and thermal power plants (including biofuel-fired power plants). Pohjolan Voima is a founder and main shareholder of the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant operator Teollisuuden Voima Oy. Pohjolan Voima has 25% of shares in the Finnish electricity transmission system operator Fingrid Oyj.

Major shareholders of Pohjolan Voima are Finnish pulp and paper manufacturers UPM Oyj (42,0%) and Stora Enso Oyj (15,6%). Other shareholders include power and utility companies owned by several municipalities. The energy produced by the company is distributed among its shareholders based on their ownership and the shareholders pay for the actual production costs. This arrangement allows for smaller power companies to participate in larger power station projects together and to benefit from the economics of scale.

Carbon intensity[edit]

Year Production (TWh) Emission (Gt CO2) kg CO2/MWh
2002 16 6 375
2003 18 6.07 337
2004 18 4.95 280
2005 13 1.67 126
2006 18 4.73 264
2007 17 4.25 250
2008 22 2.92 131
2009 22 2.88 131

Transmission grid[edit]

PVO sold its share of the Fingrid national electricity transmission grid operator with €247.4 million in April 2011. Income was delivered total to the owners in 2012. Biggest shares were UPM/Myllykoski €109 million and Stora Enso ca €37 million.[1]

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