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SunRail station
Station statistics
Coordinates 28°09′21″N 81°28′35″W / 28.155833°N 81.476389°W / 28.155833; -81.476389Coordinates: 28°09′21″N 81°28′35″W / 28.155833°N 81.476389°W / 28.155833; -81.476389
Line(s) SunRail:
Phase 2 (2017)
Tracks 1
Other information
Opened September 16, 1974[1]
Closed December 8, 1975[2]
Rebuilt 2017 Planned
  Future services  
Preceding station   SunRail logo.png SunRail   Following station
Terminus SunRail
Phase 2 (2017)
toward DeLand

Poinciana SunRail station is the planned southern terminus of the final phase of the SunRail commuter train, serving the Greater Orlando area. The site was also used very briefly by Amtrak in the mid 70's.


In the mid 1970s, The site of the planned SunRail was to be the southern terminus for Amtrak's inaugural auto ferry service from Indianapolis, in competition with the Auto-Train Corporation's Auto Train. Amtrak initially built a complex with a 1,600 square foot modular building, two spurlines and a parking lot with plans for a 7,000 square foot facility. The initial complex opened on September 16, 1974 with the simultaneous arrival of the Floridian and the Champion trains. It was to be the official stop of tourists bound to Walt Disney World. The service however never came to life, and the station was used for just over a year as a stop for the Champion and the Floridian until December 1975, when those trains began stopping at Kissimmee instead.[1][2][3]


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