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Point of View is a syndicated, daily (Monday through Friday) talkshow and can be heard over 360 radio stations throughout the continental U.S.A. It was founded by Marlin Maddoux, who was the show's main host until 2003, when the co-host, Kerby Anderson, took over, with Penna Dexter as co-host.

Point of View is a two-hour, issues-oriented live talk radio program heard daily nationwide. Kerby Anderson and the Point of View team cover the full spectrum of issues and current events that affect our faith, family, government, education, and basic freedoms from a Christian perspective. Point of View’s loyal listening audience thrives on the daily interviews and interaction with informative guests including authors, politicians, opinion leaders, conservative activists, and subject matter experts.

Christianity Today magazine called Point of View America's "most popular live Christian call-in show." After 35 years of being on the cutting edge of talk radio, Point of View has proven they are brave enough to take on the tough issues and experienced enough to handle them.

Mission Statement[edit]

As a media ministry, we use the powerful tool of live, daily, national talk radio and the latest digital technology to provide biblical clarity, truth, and content to restore a Christian biblical worldview to the culture.

The show's style is a "discussion forum" style like The Jim Bohannon Show, rather than a "monologue" style like The Savage Nation.