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A poke bonnet
Late 1810s satire on the invisible, or poke bonnet

A poke bonnet is a women's bonnet (hat) in the shape of a hood, featuring a projecting rim on the front side, which would shade the face of the wearer.

The poke bonnet came into fashion at the beginning of the 19th century. It is called a poke bonnet because all of one's hair could be poked inside it.

It is referred to in a first world war music hall song "In your little poke bonnet and shawl".

By the 1830s, Englishwomen had adopted the poke bonnet. The new styles rendered the aristocracy less visibly distinct from the respectable middle classes than they had ever been.[1] The style is modest and was in line with English fashions after the ascension of Queen Victoria.[2]


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