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Pokirri poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed by Prabhu Deva
Produced by Singanamala Ramesh
Screenplay by Prabhu Deva
V. Prabhakar (dialogues)
Story by Puri Jagannadh
Starring Vijay
Prakash Raj
Mukesh Tiwari
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Editing by Kola Bhaskar
Studio Kanagarathna Movies
Distributed by Aascar Films
Release dates 12 January 2007
Running time 160 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget INR150 million (US$2.5 million)[1]
Box office INR420 million (US$7.0 million)

Pokkiri (English: Rogue) is a 2007 Tamil action-thriller film directed by Prabhu Deva. The film stars Vijay and Asin with Prakash Raj, Nassar, Vadivelu, Sriman and Napoleon playing supporting roles. Mumaith Khan and Prabhu Deva make guest appearances. Nirav Shah handled cinematography while Kola Bhaskar was the film's editor. The film was launched in 6 July 2006. Filming took place in India and Australia.

It is a remake of Puri Jagannadh's Telugu film Pokiri (2006) starring Mahesh Babu and Ileana D'Cruz. Some changes have been made in the film to suit Tamil Nadu audiences. The strength of the story lies in maintaining the suspense of the true identity of the hero till the end. It is a mix of action and romance with a message about the duty and responsibility of the police force. Prabhu Deva remade the film again in Hindi as Wanted (2009). The film whose plot revolves around a young IPS officer who acts as an a criminal in order to eliminate notorious criminals in a police operation, released on 12 January 2007 to commercial success and completed a 200-day run at the box office and was declared a blockbuster.


The city of Chennai is filled with furious rowdies trying to get hold of an innocent man that has shouted at the gang leader yelling at the gang leader's friend. Suddenly, Khaal Gundhi, the gang leader(Prakash Raj) stops the innocent man and the rowdies. He snickers and slowly walks towards the innocent man and suddenly stabs him with a pocket knife hidden behind his hands. Khaal Gundhi says "Whoever they are that tries to kill him, will start their death in my hands."

The film then winds into a flashback in Madras that shows Ashok (Vijay) at the tea shop getting some tea with Khaal Gundhi. Khaal Gundhi asks "Where do do we have to go next? The other gang might kidnap the children to get money from their parents, but we don't know where they are all at." Khall Gundhi tells Ashok "The reason why they are trying to do this is because they want money and they want to kill people that always get in their ways, we did, but they couldn't kill us. They might find out that we are going to help the children go back home and do some plans." Ashok remains silent. Ashok tells Khall Gundhi "I have already made the plans. Ghala (Dev Gill) the gang leader planned to go to a Madras abandoned place and kill them their if their parents don't give them $900,000 dollars." Khaal Gundhi asks "What have you done to help the kids?" Ashok says he went to the place today and fought the gang leader and freed the kids and bought them back home safely. Khaal Gundhi smiles. Then the song "Madurai en veeda" (Translation: Madurai my home.) In the song, you get a glimpse of Vijay and Prakash Raj acting in a song together for the first time as friends.

Then. Shruthi, (Asin), walks with her friends to her house. She greets her friends to her family and goes upstairs to her room. They suddenly look out the window and spot Ashok with Khaal Gundhi. One of the friends tease Shurthi and tell her that she will soon get married to Ashok. Shurthi groans in disgust. Soon there is a knock on the door. Pala Thanda (Vivek), a close relative of Shruthi comes to visit her. He tells her that she is in deep danger. He says that there are a gang that is very bad and kills people that are on the block. He tells her to keep an eye on them. He rushes in hurry to leave. Shruthi turns frozen. She looks out the window and spots a lot of people surrounding Ashok and Khaal gundhi. Then she spots Ghala's gang and supposes that the bad gang is Ashok's gang. She keeps in her mind that she should stay away from Ashok and his gang.


Meanwhile, things with Ashok is going fine. One day, he walks down the street and surprisingly, Shruthi walks down the street too. She is too busy talking to her friends that she forgets that Ashok is infront of her walking. Shurthi suddenly turns up and spots Ashok. She stops her friends and Ashok spots her shocked looking at him. He stares stragnly at the look of her face and she does too. She whispers to her friends to go back home but Ashok tells her to stop. He walks infront of her and asks her what the problem was. Shruthi stuttered and lied by saying some rowdies were chasing her and her friends. Ashok was filled with anger. He asked why and she said that they wanted money from her. The only thing that came up in Ashok's mind was Ghala's gang member, Deva (Sudeep). Deva was sometimes more evil than Ghala and Ashok knew it. He asked her what his name was. Shurthi stuttered again and guessed to say Deva. Ashok get furious, he always did this to everyone and that he would always have to chase him down. Ashok pushed Shurthi and ran to Ghala's gang place. Shruthi and her friends ran to Pala Thanda's house and told him that she met Ashok. Pala looked down scared and said that all he said was a lie. Shurthi was shocked. She asked furiously why. Pala Thanda said that he heard there was a gang of rowdies in town but the rowdy that he pointed to wasn't the bad rowdy. He was the good rowdy that is trying to beat the bad rowdies. He shows her a picture of the bad rowdies. Shurthi insanely hits Pala Thanda with her bag. Shurthi gets scared because she got all scared infront of Ashok and told him a lie. "He might go and kill someone named Deva!" she thought. She quickly left the house and ran to her house. On the way she spotted Ashok. Ashok was very furious. He noticed that all she said was a lie. He has got beaten too because Ghala hit him, now Ghala has plans for him to die. Ashok slaps Shruthi and yells at her to the core. Shruthi then runs to her home crying while Ashok feels guilty for making someone cry but also remembers that what she did was wrong too.

Shruthi then thinks about what she did. She lied and said that rowdies were chasing her but Ashok still helped her. If it was true, then it's true love. Shruthi starts to like Ashok, then the song "Passam O" appears in a scene.

Meanwhile, Khaal Gundhi and the rest of the gang members are thinking of a way to break apart Ghala's gang and defeat them all. Then Ashok joins them in their place. Ahsok tells Khaal gundhi what Shruthi has done and what Ghala's gang is trying to do. Khaal Gundhi gets very upset at Ashok. He tries to think of a plan when the TV suddenly turns on to the news channel. It said "Welcome citizens of India. Be ware of the most dangerous rowdy in Madras, Ashok Balasubram. He might have saved us all from deep troubls from a secret other bad gang, but now we have gotten a report from someone named Deva that Ashok Balasubram was planning to kill three children until a man named Ghala Kevanraj helped all the children's lives. The police will soon find out this rowdy and bring him to jail. Until then, you should be aware of this name." Ashok was frozen. Khaal Gundhi was too. They all didn't know what to do next. Ashok went outside and took the newspaper. He suddenly saw his photo printed on the paper. A old man was reading the paper and looked up and spotted Ashok. He screamed and a big crowd appeared. They all saw him too and the police cars were coming. The police grabbed his arms and took him into the jeep. One man said "HE DESERVED IT! AN IDIOT LIKE HIM SHOULD GO TO JAIL AND DIE!" Khaal Gundhi got mad and left.

Khaal Gundhi and the members think of a way to get Ashok out of jail. Khaal Gundhi says that he has to wait to go to court with Deva. Soon, at court Khaal Gundhi wins and soon gets to free Ashok out of jail. Everyone is happy except Khaal Gundhi. He soon remembers what the man said about Ashok. He left and suddenly found the man on the street. Khaal and the gang members came and spotted him. Thats when the present day comes and shows Khaal Gundhi kill the innocent man. Ashok comes out and sees all this and slaps Khaal Gundhi. Khaal Gundhi tears up seeing his best friend slap him. Ashok says "How dare you kill an innocent man! We are a gang to do good deeds not kill people that did nothing worng!" Ashok got mad and told Khaal Gundhi to never do this again. Khaal Gundhi promises him that he won't do it.

Shurthi then goes to the mall. While she is walking down the streets, she spots Ashok again. Shruthi then feels scared because she heard on the news that Ashok went to jail for doing bad things. Shurthi ran back home. Ashok didn't spot her. Shurthi ran to her bed and looked out her window. She saw Ashok trying to help a blind kid cross the road but the kid's mom ran and quickly pushed Ahsok away and ran back to her home with her kid. Shurthi got scared and thought that Ashok was trying to kill the kid. She then got mad and ran outside. She started at him strangly. Ashok stood shocked. Suddenly, Shruthi slapped him. She said "Why would you try to kill children for money? What it your problem!?" Shruthi screamed. Ashok stood upset. He tried to explain to her and tell her that he didn't do anything bad but Shruthi didn't listen. Ashok felt upset and left. Shurthi started crying in her room. Her true love was broken and shattered to pieces.

Khaal Gundhi then thinks of a way to kill Ghala and his members because they made Ashok go to jail. He thinks of putting a bomb in their secret gang place. Khaal Gundhi smiles and tells the gang members the plan. Khaal Gundhi secretly keeps this away from Ashok because Ahsok doesn't want to kill the opposite bad gang, he just wants to teach them a lesson to do the good deeds instead of the bad deeds. The film then goes onto a "to be continued" ending. The squeal was announced on February 7, 2014.




After his film Aathi in January 2006, for nearly six months Vijay was listening to stories but none appealed he was supposed to do a Tamil version of Dharani's Bangaram, until that film's failure made him look at other options.[2] That's when he got to watch the Telugu 'Pokkiri.' he felt that it would work.[3] After difficulty in finding directors, Prabhudeva was selected as director directing his first film in Tamil after the failure of his Telugu film Pournami.[4][5] The movie was launched in 6 July 2006,[6] Vijay's father SAC conducted special puja at the Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple in Tiruvannamalai. On Saturday night, which was the full moon day, which is an auspicious occasion for the presiding deity there, he spent a full hour before the Lord seeking his blessings. He also prayed at the Sacred Church at Velankanni.[7] Asin was selected pairing with Vijay for second time after Sivakasi.[8]

The first day of shoot for the film was held at the new Pillayar Kovil at AVM studios, with various dignitaries gracing the occasion. Vijay's mother Shobha Chandrasekhar gave the clap for the first shot. The first scene shot was with Asin and Vijay, the lead pair in the film, in an elevator that was specially designed for the film.[9]


The soundtrack has 8 songs composed by Mani Sharma. Two of the songs from the original Telugu version were retained, and remade in Tamil.

Studio album by Mani Sharma
15 July 2007 (India)
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 34:27
Label Five Star Audio
Producer Mani Sharma
Mani Sharma chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rediff.com Movies 2.5/5 stars[citation needed]
Song Artist(s) Picturization Length Lyrics
Dole Dole Than Ranjith, Suchitra Vijay, Asin Thottumkal 4:43 Pa. Vijay
Aadungada Yennai Suththi Naveen Vijay, Prabhu Deva 4:29 Kabilan
Nee Mutham Ondru Ranjith, Swetha Mohan Vijay, Asin 4:52 Pa. Vijay
Mambazhamam Mambazham Shankar Mahadevan, Ganga Vijay, Asin, Vadivelu 4:41 Snehan
En Chella Peru Apple A. V. Ramanan, Suchitra Vijay, Mumaith Khan 4:35 Pa. Vijay
Vasaantha Mullai Rahul Nambiar, Krishnamoorthy Vijay, Asin 4:19 Na. Muthukumar
Nee Mutham Ondru (Remix) Ranjith, Suchitra 4:12 Pa. Vijay
Pokkiri Theme Mani Sharma 2:36


The satellite rights of the film were bagged by Sun TV. The film was given a "U/A" certificate by the Indian Censor Board and released on 2007 at the festival of Pongal, alongside Ajith's Aalwar and Vishal's Thaamirabharani.[10] The film collected INR 61 million in Tamil Nadu in its first weekend from 142 screens.[11][12]

Critical reception[edit]

Pokkiri opened to positive Reviews.Sify said that the film was "enjoyable while it lasts".[13] Indiaglitz stated that Vijay stole the show with his "typical 'Vijayisms' (action, humor and punch dialogues)" and that the show was "action-packed entertainer".[14] Behindwoods review felt that Vadivelu and Prakash Raj’s performances were lackluster, and stated that Raj " might do well to sit back and analyze the roles that he accepts," but concluded that the movie overall "packs a punch."[15] Rediff.com gave the movie one and half stars, stating "there's nothing more tedious than a badly made remake."[16] Nowrunning.com stated that Pokiri' is attractively packaged and presented.[17] Oneindia.in stated that Pokiri' is a full length action movie of Vijay.[18]


Award Category Recipient Result
Vijay Awards Favourite Film Pokkiri Won
Favourite Director Prabhu Deva Won
Entertainer of the Year Vijay Won
Favourite Hero Vijay Nominated
Favourite Heroine Asin Nominated
Best Actress Asin Nominated
Best Villain Prakash Raj Nominated
Best Choreographer Dinesh
(Vansantha Mullai)
Best Art Director Kathir Nominated
Best Stunt Director Fefsi Vijaan Nominated
Filmfare Awards South Best Actor Vijay Nominated
Best Actress Asin Nominated
Mathrubhumi Film Awards Best Tamil Film Pokkiri Won
Best Tamil Director Prabhu Deva Won
Best Tamil Actor Vijay Won


The original Telugu film Pokiri, directed by Puri Jagannadh, was remade in several other languages and still found success in the respective regional cinemas. Pokkiri is the first remake. The second one was Wanted, the Hindi version in 2009 which was also directed by Prabhu Deva, Like the two other versions, Wanted had Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia in the lead and has also Prakash Raj as the villain.[19] After that, a Kannada version, Porkhi, directed by M.D. Sridhar, was released in 14 January 2010.[20] Below is an actor map of the lead actors in the story of Pokiri and its remakes.

Mahesh Babu Vijay Salman Khan Darshan
Ileana D'Cruz Asin Ayesha Takia Pranitha
Prakash Raj Prakash Raj Prakash Raj Ashish Vidyarthi
Nassar Nassar Vinod Khanna Avinash
Sayaji Shinde Napoleon Govind Namdeo Devaraj
Ashish Vidyarthi Mukesh Tiwari Mahesh Manjrekar Shobaraj
Jyothi Rana Brinda Parekh Mahek Chahal Sangeetha Shetty


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