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Polaris World is a holiday resort company centred around golf courses designed by Nicklaus Design - the golf course design and development firm set up by Jack Nicklaus and his sons. Around each golf course are a number of large-scale apartment, townhouse and villa developments with facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants, laundry services and so on all run by the Polaris World family of companies (although full facilities will be available after the first properties are completed). The Nicklaus designed courses are known as the Polaris World Nicklaus Golf Trail.

Polaris World are the largest golf resort developer in Murcia. The seven Polaris World resorts range in size from 55 hectares up to 900 hectares. Most are around the 100 to 150 hectare size. Mar Menor was the first resort completed although it is currently being extended. La Torre is fully developed and a good example of what Polaris World has to offer. El Valle has been mostly completed and contains mostly villas (whereas the other resorts, apart from Mar Menor, are mostly apartments). Condado de Alhama is the largest development - over 900 hectares with 3 golf courses. Condado De Alhama is situated close to the new proposed Corvera Airport.

Polaris World are heavy advertisers on UK television. To date, there have been two major campaigns - one using Jack Nicklaus and more recently a series featuring the president of Polaris World, José Luis Hernández. From 2002 until 2006, Jack Nicklaus was used as the figurehead for the company in TV advertising. A series of adverts shown on UK TV were based around a family taking a holiday at a Polaris World resort and being badgered by Nicklaus to play golf, but unable to do so because there were so many other attractions and facilities. Since 2006, the president of the company, José Luis Hernández, has been featured with existing Polaris World resorts in the background.

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