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The commissioner system in New Delhi, the capital of India was started in 1978, with J.N.Chaturvedi being appointed as the first Police Commissioner. It replaced the earlier Inspector General of Police system, where the Inspector General of police would report to the Chief Secretary, thus having a dual authority in effect. The Commissioner system brought an end to this dual authority as since then the appointed Commissioner of Director General of Police (DGP) rank being equivalent to its counterpart Chief Secretary reports directly to the Lieutenant-Governor of National Capital Territory of Delhi.

List of Police Commissioners of New Delhi[edit]

  • J.N.Chaturvedi (July 1978 - Jan 1980)
  • P.S. Bhinder (Jan 1980 - Dec 1981)
  • Bajrang Lal (December 1981 - April 1983)
  • S.C. Tandon (April 1983 - Nov 1984)
  • S.S. Jog (Nov 1984 - April 1985)
  • Ved Prakash Marwah (April 1985 - April 1988)
  • Vijay Karan (April 1988 - December 1990)
  • Arun Bhagat (December 1990 - Feb 1992)
  • M.B.Kaushal (Feb 1992 - Jan 1995)
  • Nikhil Kumar (Jan 1995 - Apr 1997)
  • T.R. Kakkar (April 1997 - May 1998)
  • V.N.Singh (May 1998 - June 1999)
  • Ajai Raj Sharma (July 1999 - June 2002)
  • R.S. Gupta (July 2002 - Jan 2004)
  • K. K. Paul (Feb 2004 - July 2007)
  • Y.S. Dadwal (July 2007 - Nov 2010)
  • B.K. Gupta (Nov 2010 - June 2012)
  • Neeraj Kumar (June 2012 - July 2013)[1]
  • Bhimsen Bassi (August 2013 - presents)[2]


The issue of appointment of police commissioners of New Delhi, has not been without controversies. The most recent controversy was when a senior police officer Kiran Bedi was superseded to appoint her junior Dadwal as the Police Commissioner in July 2007. Bedi went on record saying that at a time, when the President of India as well as the chairperson of the ruling alliance UPA were women (Pratibha Patil and Sonia Gandhi respectively), it would have done a lot of good for country's image as well as for the upliftment of women if she had been appointed. She resigned soon after in protest, although her official line was that she wanted to devote more time to social work.

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