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A police village was a form of municipal government used in the province of Ontario, Canada, beginning in the early 19th century. It was used in cases where the finances or population of the area did not permit the creation of a village.

Unlike a village, a police village was not incorporated by the provincial government but was created by a bylaw of the regional government (district or county)[1] which defined the political boundaries of the police village. A police village had its own elected governing body of trustees, who could establish fire and safety regulations, erect streetlights and build sidewalks but otherwise remained a part of the township it had been created from.

In 1965, the Ontario Municipal Act was amended to prevent the creation of new police villages, and there is no longer any community in the province with this status. All of the communities which once held the status of police village have been reincorporated as villages, towns or cities, or have been amalgamated into other municipalities.

Police villages[edit]