Polish People's Party "Piast"

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Polish People's Party "Piast"
Founded 1913
Dissolved 1931
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Ideology Agrarianism
Christian democracy
Political position Centre
Politics of Poland
Political parties

Polish People's Party "Piast" or Polish Peasant Party "Piast" (Polish: Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe "Piast", PSL Piast) can refer to two parties, one from the interwar period of the Second Polish Republic (1913–1931), and a recent once founded in 2006. Piast refers to the medieval Piast dynasty, Poland's founding royal house.

PSL Piast (1913-1931)[edit]

PSL Piast was an important political party in the Second Polish Republic. It was created in 1913 and, after Poland regained independence in 1918, it formed a part of several governments, most notably after the Lanckorona Pact and in the Chjeno-Piast coalition. In 1931 it formed the People's Party. Its major politicians included: Wincenty Witos, Jakub Bojko, Jan Dąbski, Maciej Rataj and Władysław Kiernik.

PSL Piast (2006-present)[edit]

In 2006 a split in the modern PSL party led to the creation of a new entity which assumed the same name. Its major politicians include Zdzisław Podkański, Janusz Wojciechowski and Zbigniew Kuźmiuk.

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