Polish Southern Front

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The Southern Front (Polish Front Południowy) was one of two fronts of the Polish Army created during the Polish Defensive War of 1939 against the allied forces of Nazi Germany and Soviet Union. It was established on September 12 out of the Polish Armies Karpaty and Kraków, as well as several military units created behind the front-lines.

Its commander was Gen. Kazimierz Sosnkowski, who was ordered by the Commander in Chief Edward Rydz-Śmigły to organize the Polish defence in the area of Lesser Poland and Volhynia and to prepare a last stand for the Polish defence in the so-called Romanian Bridgehead. Created too late to be able to change the fate of the war, the front was never established as a single entity and the entry of the Soviet Union on the side of Nazi Germany to the war against Poland made the plans for the front's creation obsolete.