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Związek Młodzieży Chrześcijańskiej (Christian Young People Association) – also known as Polish YMCA – is youth social organization, based on the international organizations that YMCA built. It encourages good conduct, charity and education, and activities based on Christian morals. People of both sexes can be members.

Polish YMCA emerged in 1923 after it as American YMCA members they have left independent Poland (with army of Polish General Józef Haller they arrived, after World War I). Interwar period there was time of activity of supply organization, growth of amount of members, as well as stockpiling of property- solid headquarters of organization emerged in Kraków, Łódź, Warsaw and Gdynia. Farthest development of ZMC it has been detained in time of World War II only. Then Polish YMCA focal points emerged on emigration (for example, in London) as well as at Polish squads military combat at flank other Allies.