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The governor of Jiangsu is a position that has existed in China since the Qing dynasty.

Qing Dynasty[edit]

Under Qing rule, the governor (Chinese: 巡撫, p xunfu) of Jiangsu was the highest-ranking official within Jiangsu but reported to the Viceroy of the Two Jiangs, who was often involved in provincial affairs. Additionally, the taotais of the treaty ports were often quite autonomous and exercised a great deal of influence through their direct involvement with foreign officials and the income from international trade.

  1. Li Hongzhang
  2. ...
  3. Wu Yuan-ping

People's Republic of China[edit]

Under Communist rule, the Governor of Jiangsu is titularly the highest-ranking official in the People's Government of Jiangsu. However, the politics of Jiangsu Province are structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China. Under this system, the governor has less actual power than the Jiangsu Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary, colloquially termed the "Jiangsu CPC Party Chief".

List of the Governors of Jiangsu[edit]

  1. Tan Zhenlin: 1952–1955
  2. Hui Yuyu (惠浴宇): 1955–1967
  3. Xu Shiyou: 1968–1973
  4. Peng Chong: 1974–1977
  5. Xu Jiatun (许家屯): 1977–1979
  6. Hui Yuyu (惠浴宇): 1979–1982
  7. Han Peixin (韩培信): 1982–1983
  8. Gu Xiulian: 1983–1989
  9. Chen Huanyou: 1989–1994
  10. Zheng Silin (郑斯林): 1994–1998
  11. Ji Yunshi: 1998–2002
  12. Liang Baohua: 2002–January 2008
  13. Luo Zhijun: January 2008–incumbent

List of the CPC Jiangsu Committee Secretaries[edit]

  1. Ke Qingshi: 1952–1954
  2. Jiang Weiqing (江渭清): 1954–1967
  3. Xu Shiyou: 1970–1973
  4. Peng Chong: 1974–1977
  5. Xu Jiatun (许家屯): 1977–1983
  6. Han Peixin (韩培信): 1983–1989
  7. Shen Daren (沈达人): 1989–1993
  8. Chen Huanyou: 1993–2000
  9. Hui Liangyu: 2000–2002
  10. Li Yuanchao: 2002–2007
  11. Liang Baohua: 2007–incumbent

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