Politics of the Marshall Islands

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The Politics of the Marshall Islands is determined by a mixed parliamentary-presidential system as set forth in its Constitution.

Claim to Wake Island[edit]

The territorial claim by the Republic of the Marshall Islands on Wake Atoll is unclear regarding the actual or hypothetical role of the US military.[citation needed] The US is responsible under agreement for the defense of Marshallese territory, in the event of any strategic crisis or hostilities involving Wake.[citation needed] The Atoll was formally annexed by the US in the 19th century and is still administered by the US Department of the Interior.[citation needed]

The Republic of the Marshall Islands’ claim to the Wake Atoll is questionable because the United States formally annexed the Wake Atoll in the 19th century. The territorial claims by the Marshall Islands require additional documentation because the Wake Atoll is administered by the United States Department of the Interior and the United States has agreed to defend the Marshallese territory should hostilities or crisis involve the Wake Atoll.

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