Polochic River

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Polochic river
Mouth Lake Izabal
Basin countries Guatemala (Alta Verapaz, Izabal)
Length 194 km
Mouth elevation 88 m
Avg. discharge 69.3 m³/s (at Telemán)
Left tributaries Río Papalja, Río Tampoma, Río Actela, Río Boca Nueva, Río Secoc, Río Cahabón.
Right tributaries Río Matanzas, Rio Jolomjix, Rio Chiquito, Rio Zarco.

The Polochic River (Spanish pronunciation: [poloˈtʃik]) is a 194 km long river in eastern Guatemala.[1] It flows eastwards through a deep valley and flows into Lake Izabal at 15°28′00″N 89°22′00″W / 15.46667°N 89.36667°W / 15.46667; -89.36667Coordinates: 15°28′00″N 89°22′00″W / 15.46667°N 89.36667°W / 15.46667; -89.36667. The river is navigable for length of 30 km to Panzós. It was used many years ago to transport coffee and timber, but most commercial transport in the river valley is now carried out by truck.