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Directed by Éric Lavaine
Produced by François Cornuau
Vincent Roget
Fabio Conversi
Written by Héctor Cabello Reyes (fr)
Éric Lavaine (fr)
Distributed by TFM Distribution
Release dates
  • 25 October 2006 (2006-10-25)
Running time
93 minutes
Language French

Poltergay is a French film directed by Éric Lavaine (fr), based on an idea by Héctor Cabello Reyes (fr). The script was written by Héctor Cabello Reyes and Éric Lavaine. The film was released on 25 October 2006.


Emma and Marc, two young lovers, move into a house which has been uninhabited for thirty years. What they don't know is that in 1979, in a cave under the house, there was a gay disco, which burned down when a foam machine short-circuited, and five bodies were never found. Today, the house is haunted by five gay ghosts. However, only Marc is able to see them, and his visions drive Emma away. The ghosts, touched by Marc's problems, do everything in their power to help him get his girl back.


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