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Founded April 1st, 1998
Founder(s) Andrew ‘r13′ Risch , Ted ‘bearkub’ Shockey.
Website Polycount.com

Polycount is a website and community of professional & hobbyist artists that specialize in creating 3D art for video games. The website was founded by Andrew Risch on April 1, 1998 along with his friend Ted Shockey. The site was originally named Q2PMP (Quake2 Player Model Pack) and part of Gamespy's Planetquake, and featured user created Quake 2 plug-in characters.[1] Currently Polycount is based around its community forum, but also features a wiki for resources for 3D artists, and a front page news section that features content the community would find relevant or entertaining. Polycount also played a large role in the release of the Mann Co. Store for Valve Corporation's Team Fortress 2,[2][3] and hosted a contest with Vigil Games which included four community-made weapons into the game Darksiders II.[4]

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