Polygamy in Mauritania

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As Mauritania is an Islamic republic (and Islamic state) Sharia law is strictly enforced in the nation and therefore polygamous unions are perfectly legal for Mauritanians.

Prevalence of polygamy in Mauritania[edit]

In Mali, many men, particularly of the merchant class, perceive having more than one wife as part of being a serious person. Similarly for the Sierre Leone, a predominately Muslim nation of about a million, having multiple wives, sometimes more than four, conveys prestige. One exception to the general rule is Mauritania.[1] There the Maures, who are the elites of the country, are basically monogamous, while the rest of the population is frequently polygamous. At the time of the wedding, a woman can stipulate that the marriage is dissolved if the husband takes a second wife. Maure women use this provision regularly.