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Polysporin is primarily a Canadian healing brand belonging to Johnson & Johnson. Polysporin also exists in the US, but is much smaller than the Canadian brand and acts as a substitute to J&J's Neosporin for those allergic to the antibiotic neomycin. Polysporin's heritage is a line of antibiotic ointments and creams used to prevent infection and help speed the healing of wounds. The brand has since expanded its offerings and developed into a more holistic[clarification needed] healing brand. It now offers consumers healing solutions for pink eye, swimmer's ear, sties, cold sores, eczema, and dry lips.

There are now six antibiotic variants available, each with slightly different characteristics. Four variants (Original Cream, Original Ointment, Kid's Cream, Plus Pain Relief Cream) contain two antibiotics: polymyxin B and bacitracin. Two of the variants (Triple Ointment and Complete Ointment) contain an additional antibiotic: gramicidin. All of the ointment variants are also composed of Polysporin's proprietary Cel-Activ moisturization technology, a unique formulation of olive oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter, cotton seed oil, sodium pyruvate, and petrolatum. Cel-Activ is intended to minimize the appearance of scarring. Three variants (Complete Ointment, Kid's Cream, Plus Pain Relief Cream)also include lidocaine to help start relieving pain on contact. Polysporin also added an on-the-go antiseptic product called Poly-to-Go.[citation needed]

Polysporin has extended into several other self-care categories as well. Its heritage also includes antibiotic eye and ear products. Polysporin Pink Eye drops contains gramicidin and polymyxin B while the Swimmer's Ear drops contain polymyxin B and lidocaine yo help start relieving pain on contact. There is also an ointment formulated specifically for eye sties. Polysporin eyr and eubg

More recently, the brand launched the Polysporin Cold Sore Healing patch. It is the first brand to provide healing patches that are intended to hide and actively heal cold sores. Each healing patch uses hydrocolloid technology to form a protective barrier, speed healing, and prevent scabbing. The healing time when using the patches is comparable to the prescription antiviral cream acyclovir.

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