Pont de Wandre

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Pont de Wandre
Pont de Wandre le 04.02.2006 (6).jpg
Carries Road vehicles
Crosses River Meuse, Albert Canal
Locale Liege, Belgium
Designer René Greisch
Design Cable stayed bridge
Coordinates 50°40′27″N 5°38′37″E / 50.674072°N 5.643495°E / 50.674072; 5.643495Coordinates: 50°40′27″N 5°38′37″E / 50.674072°N 5.643495°E / 50.674072; 5.643495
References: [1]

The Pont de Wandre is a single pier cable-stayed bridge carrying the N667 road across the Albert Canal and River Meuse in Liege, Belgium.

History and description[edit]

From the 15th to 19th century the Meuse at Wandre was crossed by a ferry. In 1884 the first bridge crossing between Herstal and Wandre was built; it consisted of a metal bowstring bridge across the canal, a seven arched brick and stone viaduct across the land between the two waterways, then a box section rectangular girder truss bridge across the Meuse supported on three piers. Due to increased traffic caused by industrial development a second bridge was built upstream of the first between 1935 and 1937; this was blown up by the Belgian Army in 1940. Two temporary metal pedestrian bridges of metal replaced the destroyed bridge.[2]

Construction of replacement bridges began in 1947; a 59.4m long bridge across the Albert Canal (le pont de l'Esparanto), and a three span concrete bridge across the Meuse of total length 190m; the new construction was officially opened in 1948.[2]

An increase in traffic on the Albert Canal during the 1970s necessitated its expansion for larger vessels required the widening of the channel from 35 to 85m; as a result this expansion also required the construction of a new bridge.[2]

Work to construct a new bridge to replace the post war bridges began in 1985;[2] the bridge was officially opened 16 June 1989, at a cost of 508million belgian francs.[1] It connects suburbs Wandre and Hertstal of Liege, crossing the Meuse and Albert Canals,[1] the main support stands on the isthmus between the Meuse and Albert canal.

The total length of the bridge including the approach sections is ~527m, the main cable stayed spans are 144m and 168m.[1] The inverted Y shaped concrete main support is 88.5m high, and supports a 22m wide road deck.[3]


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