Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture

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Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture
Established 2009
Type Private
Dean Abel Misla Villalba (2009-2011)[1]
Javier De Jesús (2012 - present)[2]
Location Ponce, Puerto Rico, United States
18°00′09.45″N 66°36′57.28″W / 18.0026250°N 66.6159111°W / 18.0026250; -66.6159111Coordinates: 18°00′09.45″N 66°36′57.28″W / 18.0026250°N 66.6159111°W / 18.0026250; -66.6159111
Campus Urban
Website http://ea-pr.com/ http://www.pucpr.edu/arquitectura/ http://ea-pucpr.com/

The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture is located in the Ponce Historic Zone, across from Plaza Las Delicias.[3] Together with the School of Law, it is one of two semi-autonomous professional colleges of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (PCUPR) in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. In 2010, the school won an award from the Southern Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce for Valor del Año en Educacion (Courage of the Year in Education).[4]


The history of the school dates back to 2007 when a group of Puerto Rican professionals got together and toyed with the idea of creating a school of architecture to serve southern Puerto Rico. A formal proposal was reviewed by ex-governor Rafael Hernandez Colon, who at the time was a member of the Board of Trustees of the PCUPR. Hernandez Colon presented the plan to the Board and it received unanimous approval. After securing facilities, personnel, and other fundamentals, the school opened its doors in August 2009.

The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture is the third architecture school established in Puerto Rico. It is located in downtown Ponce, about half a mile from the main campus of the university at Las Americas Avenue. It was founded in August 2009.[5]

Front entrance to the School of Architecture

The school is located at the old Forteza Building on Atocha street, between Cristina and Isabel streets, in front of Plaza Las Delicias. It was the result of a 14 million dollar investment. With some $4 million in high-tech equipment "it is one of the most modern [architecture schools] in the Caribbean.[6]


Students at the School of Architecture enjoy all of the resources of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. The University offers an array of physical activities including fitness classes; weight training; jogging track; basketball and outdoor pool. It also benefits from its location in the city of Ponce, home to various architectural styles dating back several centuries and including the likes of museums, churches, theaters, pompous homes - even a castle.


The stated mission of the school is "to educate and forge a new architect, planner, thinker and entrepreneur in an interdisciplinary environment; one within which the understanding of the territorial and urban complexity , as well as the regional, and global economic dynamics operate with advanced technologies and knowledge to guide sustainable investments and interventions."[7]


The 5-year architecture program at the school leads to a Bachelor of Architecture. It is currently the only program the school offers.[8]

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