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Pony Pals is a 44-book series of pony books written by Jeanne Betancourt and published by Scholastic. It chronicles the adventures of three young girls and their ponies.

The main characters of the series are Lucinda (Lulu) Sanders, Anna Harley, and Pam Crandal. The series starts when Lulu moves to the fictional town of Wiggins, and finds a neglected pony named Snow White, who she boards and later owns (after the fourth book). In the first book she becomes friends with Anna and Pam, who have lived in Wiggins all their lives and already have ponies, named Acorn and Lightning.

In 2007, a virtual world based on these books, clubponypals.com, was created, where users may adopt a virtual pony.

The characters and their ponies are each given distinct personalities, and the girls often work together to solve various problems throughout the series.

Pam: an African-American girl who has grown up around horses and ponies. Her father is a veterinarian and her mother is a riding teacher. Pam knows the most about horses and riding, as well as taking care of other animals. She originally disliked horse shows, despite being a highly capable rider, but this is resolved over the series.

Lightning: Pam's pony; a chestnut Connemara pony with a white upside-down heart on her forehead. She is shown to be an excellent jumper, and also protective over other animals, but gets jealous when Pam spends too much time with other ponies.

Anna: a girl with curly blonde hair, who has dyslexia but is an excellent artist. Her father is a firefighter and her mother owns a diner where the Pony Pals often eat and hold meetings. Anna is very clever, despite having dyslexia. She is also the only Pony Pal that knows how to carriage drive.

Acorn: Anna's pony; a bay (brown and black) Shetland pony. He is most well-known for being cute and mischievous. He originally would not jump for Anna, but, the two of them learned to work together since then. He is very gentle with children, particularly the Junior Pony Pals, Mimi Kline and Rosalie Lacey.

Lulu: a brunette girl who moved to Wiggins at the start of the series. Her father travels the world researching animals, and her mother died when she was little. Lulu lives with her grandmother, a hairdresser who doesn't like horses. Lulu learned to ride when she lived in England, and also inherited a love of nature and adventure from her father.

Snow White: Lulu's pony; a white Welsh pony. Snow White is a beautiful and gentle pony who used to belong to a snobby girl named Rema Baxter. After Lulu saved Snow White from a barbed wire fence, she leased the pony and, later, convinced Rema to sell Snow White to her.

List of Books[edit]

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Regular series[edit]

  1. I Want a Pony – 1995
  2. A Pony for Keeps – 1995
  3. A Pony in Trouble – 1995
  4. Give Me Back my Pony – 1995
  5. Pony to the Rescue – 1995
  6. Too Many Ponies – 1995
  7. Runaway Pony – 1995
  8. Good-Bye Pony – 1996
  9. The Wild Pony – 1996
  10. Don't Hurt My Pony – 1996
  11. Circus Pony – 1996
  12. Keep Out, Pony! – 1996
  13. The Girl Who Hated Ponies – 1997
  14. Pony-Sitters – 1997
  15. The Blind Pony – 1997
  16. The Missing Pony Pal – 1997
  17. Detective Pony – 1997
  18. The Saddest Pony – 1997
  19. Moving Pony – 1999
  20. Stolen Ponies – 1999
  21. The Winning Pony – 1999
  22. Western Pony, 1999
  23. The Pony and the Bear – 1999
  24. Unlucky Pony – 2000
  25. The Lonely Pony – 2000
  26. Movie Star Pony – 2000
  27. The Pony and the Missing Dog – 2000
  28. The Newborn Pony – 2000
  29. Lost and Found Pony – 2001
  30. Pony-4-Sale – 2001
  31. Ponies from the Past – 2001
  32. He's My Pony! – 2001
  33. What's Wrong with My Pony? – 2001
  34. The Pony and the Lost Swan – 2002
  35. Magic Pony – 2002
  36. The Pony and the Haunted Barn – 2002
  37. No Ponies in the House! – 2003
  38. Ponies in Parade – 2003

Super Specials[edit]

  1. The Baby Pony – 1996
  2. The Story of Our Ponies – 1997
  3. The Ghost Pony – 1997
  4. The Fourth Pony Pal – 2002
  5. Pony Problem – 2003
  6. The Last Pony Ride – 2004


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