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Origin San Francisco
Genres Punk
Years active 1981–1993
Labels 415, Subterranean
Associated acts Grateful Dead
Faith No More
Mr. Bungle
Website pop-o-pies.com
Past members Joe Pop-O-Pie
Billy Gould
Mark Bowen
Mike Bordin
Elron Hubbard
Roddy Bottum
Jeff Ruzich
Ben Cohen
Mike King
Johnny Gilliland
Kirk Heydt
Trey Spruance

The Pop-O-Pies are a punk band from San Francisco founded by Joe Pop-O-Pie (Joe Callahan) that got their start by repeatedly playing a cover of The Grateful Dead's "Truckin' ". Though the band went through many line up changes, notably featuring members of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, and bass guitarist/songwriter Mike King, several albums would follow.

  • The White EP
  • Joe's Second Album
  • Joe's Third Album
  • The In Frisco Single

All of these albums, except for the first, can be found on the CD compilation, Pop-o-Anthology 1984-1993.

The Pop-O-Pies were called "absolutely the worst band in California" by the Los Angeles Times.[1]

California sludge-metal band The Melvins are known to play a cover of Pop-O-Pies "Fascists Eat Donuts" at their live shows.


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