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Popup or pop-up could refer to:

  • Batted ball, a type of hit ball in baseball
  • Hidden headlamps, also called pop-up headlamps
  • Pop-up book, or movable books
  • Pop Up (album), a 2007 album by Yelle
  • Popup camper, a type of recreational vehicle
  • Pop-up restaurant, is temporary restaurant
  • Pop-up retail, short-term sales spaces
  • Boilie, a buoyant fishing bait also known as pop-ups
  • A Film Festival that Pops up where it chooses, as the Santa Barbara 2014 Pop Up Film Festival on January 23, 2014 at the Arlington Theater. Facebook.com/popupdoc


  • Context menu or pop-up menu, an element of computer interaction
  • Modal window or pop-up dialog boxes, a child window that blocks user interaction to the parent window
  • "Pop up" or "Pop up graphics", a phenomenon of 3D video games related to draw distance
  • Pop-up ad, a form of web advertising that appears in a new window
  • Pop Up, a video game also known as Bumpy (video game)