Pop Express

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Pop Express
Cover of the 4th issue, released on March 24, 1969
Editor-in-Chiefs Darko Stuparić
Categories Music magazine
Frequency Twice a month
Publisher Centar za kulturnu djelatnost omladine Zagreba
Year founded 1969
First issue February 10, 1969
Final issue January 17, 1970
Country  Yugoslavia
Language Croatian

Pop Express was a former Yugoslav music magazine.


Pop Express was founded in 1969.[1] It was published by Centar za kulturnu djelatnost omladine Zagreba (Center for Cultural Activity of Zagreb Youth),[1] every second Monday in a month.[2] The magazine Editor-in-Chiefs was Darko Stuparić.[1] The first issue was released on February 10, 1969, and the last, 23rd issue on January 17, 1970.[1]

In an interview for the documentary series Rockovnik, chronicler Vladimir Spičanović said about the magazine:

It started as a real music magazine, but during the time it evolved towards some sort of, let's say, underground press, which was going at the time. There was that special graphic design, but also the subjects that weren't strictly related to music. [...] Pop Express should be mentioned for another interesting thing, it was probably [...] the only [Yugoslav] music magazine that was forbidden [by the authorities]. [...] The 13th issue was forbidden, forbidden not because the texts about music, but because of a letter by a reader. I have always tried, even in those days, because there were about ten readers' letters, to find out why it was forbidden, and even in those days I couldn't find out why. Today, you can read it for ten times, but there's no chance you'll find out. It was so naive, so benign, that it's now ridiculous, but someone had a problem with it, and that issue was forbidden.[2]

Journalists and contributors[edit]

Some of the journalists and contributors to Pop Express include:


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