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Popeye is a comic and cartoon character, and may also refer the following media based on that character:

In films and television
In Games

Popeye may also refer to[edit]

In fiction
In music
In sports
  • Ronald "Popeye" Jones, a former professional basketball player
  • Greg Halford, an English footballer, nicknamed "Popeye" for his missile-like throw-ins
  • Don Zimmer, former baseball player, coach and manager, whose appearance (especially with a jaw full of chewing tobacco, causing one eye to squint like the cartoon character) earned him that nickname
Real people
In other uses
  • Popeye (missile), Israeli standoff air-to-surface missile, when used by the US code named AGM-142 Have Nap
  • Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, a chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants
  • Popeye, a series of historic pleasure launches located on the Torrens River, Adelaide Australia
  • Operation Popeye, a US military operation to increase rains over Vietnam during the Vietnam War


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