Popliteal vein

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Vein: Popliteal vein
Blausen 0609 LegVeins.png
Lymph glands of popliteal fossa, with popliteal vein labeled.
Latin vena poplitea
Gray's p.672
Source anterior tibial, posterior tibial, small saphenous
Drains to femoral vein
Artery popliteal artery
MeSH Popliteal+Vein

The popliteal vein is located behind the knee.[1] Its course runs alongside the popliteal artery, but carries the blood from the knee joint and muscles in the thigh and calf back to the heart.

Its origin is defined by the junction of the posterior tibial vein and anterior tibial vein.

It drains the fibular vein before reaching the knee joint and turns into the femoral vein when leaving the adductor canal (also known as Hunter's canal).

The popliteal artery extends from the femoral artery behind the popliteal fossa which is the space behind the knee.

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