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Not to be confused with Popoluca.
Puebla, Mexico
Linguistic classification: Oto-Manguean
  • Eastern
  • Central/Western
Glottolog: popo1294[1]
The Popoloca languages, number 6 (purple), center.

Popoloca is an indigenous Mexican cluster of languages of the Popolocan branch of the Oto-Manguean language family, closely related to Mazatec. They are spoken by 25,000 people in Puebla state, Mexico, near Tehuacán.


The Ethnologue distinguishes seven varieties of Popoloca as separate languages. However, these fall into four groups with 75% mutual intelligibility or greater.

  • Eastern Popoloca
    • Southern (Atzingo–Metzontla: San Juan, Los Reyes)
    • Northern (Temalacayuca–Tlacoyalco: San Luis, San Marcos)
  • Central Popoloca
    • Coyotepec (San Mateo dialect may be distinct, or a dialect of San Felipe)
    • Western (Ahuatempan–Otlaltepec: Santa Inés, San Felipe)


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