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The Populars – Daisy (Popolari – Margherita), short name of Coordination Populars – Daisy for the Constituent Assembly of the Centre (Coordinamento Popolari – Margherita per la Costituente di Centro),[1][2][3] is a Christian-democratic political party in Italy, led by Ciriaco De Mita. The party is best known as The Populars - The Daisy for the Constituent Assembly of the Centre (I Popolari - La Margherita per la Costituente di Centro).[4][5] "Populars" and "Daisy" are clear references to the Italian People's Party (PPI) and Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy (DL), De Mita's former parties.

De Mita, a former leader of Christian Democracy and then a leading member of the PPI and DL, joined the Democratic Party (PD) in 2007. However, in early 2008 he left the PD over disagreements with Walter Veltroni[6] and stood as a candidate for the Union of the Centre (UdC) for the Senate in the 2008 general election. In the event, he failed election, but, one year later, he managed to win a seat in the European Parliament for the UdC in the Southern constituency.[7]

The Populars – Daisy, into which the Democratic Populars (a group of splinters from UDEUR Populars) were merged in 2009, is one of the main constituent members of the UdC, along with the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats (UDC).

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