Populars for Italy

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Populars for Italy
Popolari per l'Italia
President Mario Mauro
Founded 28 January 2014
Split from Civic Choice
Ideology Christian democracy
Political position Centre
Chamber of Deputies
12 / 630
9 / 315
European Parliament
1 / 73
Politics of Italy
Political parties

Populars for Italy (Popolari per l'Italia, PpI) is a Christian-democratic political party in Italy led by Mario Mauro, minister of Defence in Letta Cabinet and long-time MEP for Forza Italia.

The party was launched in November 2013, following a split from Civic Choice.[1] It constitutes joint parliamentary groups named For Italy with the Union of the Centre (UdC) and was part of Enrico Letta's government[2] until February 2014. According to party leaders, PpI will soon merge with the UdC to form a new "centrist" party.[3]

The party was officially founded on 28 January 2014. In the meantime, Mauro was appointed president.[4][5]

In February 2014 Mauro was not confirmed as minister of Defence in Renzi Cabinet, but the PpI joined the government with one deputy minister (Andrea Olivero at Agriculture) and three under-secretaries.[6]


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