Porangatu Microregion

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Location of the Porangatu Microregion in the state of Goiás

The Porangatu Microregion is a statistical region created by IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Economia) in north-central Goiás state, Brazil. The most important city is Porangatu. For a map see Citybrazil.

Important Data (2007)[edit]

  • Population 2000: 226,766
  • Population 2007: 220,794
  • Cities: 19
  • Total Area: 35,287.40 km²
  • Population Density 2007: 6.26 inhab/km²

In area this microregion is smaller than Taiwan and larger than Moldova.

Cities in the Porangatu Microregion[edit]

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Coordinates: 13°26′27″S 49°08′56″W / 13.44083°S 49.14889°W / -13.44083; -49.14889