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Porcupine Tree discography

Porcupine Tree performing live at Kraków, Poland on 7 July 2007.
Studio albums 10
Live albums 5
Compilation albums 3
EPs 4
Singles 9
Video albums 2
Limited editions 16
Promotional 13

The following is a listing of officially released works by the English band Porcupine Tree. The band has released ten major studio albums, as well as many EP's, limited editions, and revamped material.

At the time Steven Wilson was going to sign to the Delerium label, he owned a lot of material recorded during the mid and later 80's that he had recorded subsequently on three demo tapes - Tarquin's Seaweed Farm, Love, Death & Mussolini and The Nostalgia Factory. He sent copies of those tapes to people he felt would be interested in the recordings, asking them to spread the word. Delerium originally intended to release all of that material in a double debut album, but Wilson decided to just pick the songs he considered the best ones. These songs were mastered to make Porcupine Tree's first studio album, On the Sunday of Life... (1991); all of the leftover tracks would be later released on a compilation album called Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (1994).

Richard Barbieri and Colin Edwin met Steven Wilson to play on a few songs he was working on. Again, there was an amount of songs written that would perfectly fit on a double album, but one of these songs saw the light prior to the release of their second studio album on the Voyage 34 (1992) single, thereafter followed by Voyage 34: Remixes (1993), and the other material ended up on the Staircase Infinities (1994) EP. Finally, ten tracks were chosen for their next studio album, Up the Downstair (1993), which Melody Maker described as "a psychedelic masterpiece".[1] At the end of 1993, Chris Maitland joined the band for live shows and would later record some drums and percussions for three songs of Porcupine Tree's third studio album, The Sky Moves Sideways (1995), an album that made the press refer them as the "Pink Floyd of the nineties". They did not record as a full band until Signify (1996), the first Porcupine Tree album to be performed entirely by the four members. It contained shorter compositions and less improvisation than its predecessors.

The next album was delayed for almost three years as the band was looking for a new record label after finishing their deal with Delerium. In the meantime, they launched Metanoia (1998), a compilation of improvisations recorded during the Signify sessions, some of which were later shaped into songs. Finally, they signed to Snapper/K-Scope and the album Stupid Dream (1999) was issued. The album was a departure in style from all their previous works, in favour a more song-oriented direction, as a consequence this alienated some older fans but brought a lot of new ones. Its follow-up, Lightbulb Sun (2000), assured the fan base and solidified the ground of its predecessor. For this one, they worked with Dave Gregory of XTC, who provided string arrangements. A collection of EP tracks and out-takes from the previous two albums was launched a year after under the title of Recordings (2001).

In Absentia (2002) turned out to be one of their most successful works to date, remaining a favourite to many fans, charting in many European countries and selling over 100.000 copies in its first year of release.[2] Deadwing (2005) appeared the Billboard chart at #132 of the Billboard 200[3] (which was the first entry the band achieved on the Billboard chart) and was voted #2 album of 2005 in Sound & Vision, the most widely distributed US magazine in the field of home electronics and entertainment.[4]

Porcupine Tree's next studio album, Fear of a Blank Planet (2007), debuted at #59 on the Billboard 200,[5] won the "Album of the Year" award for the 2007 edition of the Classic Rock magazine awards,[6] and was nominated for a Grammy Award in the "Best Surround Sound Album" category.[7] The album features collaborations with Rush's guitarist Alex Lifeson and King Crimson's Robert Fripp. The title being a play on words relating to Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet" album.

On 2007 they collaborated with Yoko Ono on the song "Death of Samantha", in Ono's remix album Yes, I'm a Witch.

In September 2007, they released Nil Recurring, an EP of four leftover tracks from the recording sessions for Fear of a Blank Planet. It was released on Transmission, the band's own record label as a limited edition of 5000 copies that did not take long to sell out through the band's online store, Burning Shed, forcing the band to keep printing more copies. Nevertheless, the EP was reissued on 18 February 2008 on Peaceville Records.[8]

An in-store appearance at Park Avenue CDs in Orlando, Florida from 4 October 2007, was recorded and released on CD under the name of We Lost The Skyline.[9] The title is a reference to the lyrics on "The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)". The album was released on vinyl on 21 March 2008[10] and is the first official acoustic live record to be officially released by the band.

A live album from the Fear of a Blank Planet tour, Ilosaarirock, was released in March 2009. It was recorded from their performance at the Ilosaarirock Festival on 14 July 2007. However, this album was only released to members of the Residents of a Blank Planet ticketing club.

On 15 September 2009, the band's tenth studio album was released, titled The Incident, the title track being one solid 55 minute epic. It quickly became the best selling Porcupine Tree album in the world charts to date.

Another live album from the Fear of a Blank Planet tour, Atlanta, was released in June 2010 in order to help raise funds for Mick Karn's treatment for cancer.[11]



Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
On the Sunday of Life
Up the Downstair
  • Released: May 1993
  • Label: Delerium
The Sky Moves Sideways
  • Released: February 1995
  • Label: Delerium
  • Released: September 1996
  • Label: Delerium
Stupid Dream
  • Released: March 1999
  • Label: KScope
Lightbulb Sun
  • Released: May 2000
  • Label: KScope
In Absentia
  • Released: September 2002
  • Label: Lava
143 64 47
  • Released: March 2005
  • Label: Lava
113 47 100 52 56 26 132 9
Fear of a Blank Planet 31 16 70 20 13 34 38 41 59 66 11
The Incident
  • Released: September 2009
  • Label: Roadrunner
23 11 35 17 5 19 23 20 25 35 5
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.

Live albums[edit]

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Coma Divine
  • Released: October 1997
  • Label: Delerium
  • Released: February 2004
  • Label: Transmission
  • Released: July 2006
  • Label: Burning Shed
We Lost the Skyline
  • Released: February 2008
  • Label: Transmission
  • Released: June 2010
  • Label: Burning Shed
Octane Twisted
  • Released: November 2012
  • Label: Kscope
70 86 68 77
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.


Title Release date Label
Voyage 34: The Complete Trip April 2000 Delerium
Recordings May 2001 Snapper
Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1991–1997 March 2002 Delerium


Title Release date Label Format Details
Moonloop October 1994 Delerium CD/Vinyl 12" Also released on C+S Records (CS20242) in the U.S. as Stars Die including an extra track "Always Never" (from Up the Downstair).
Staircase Infinities December 1994
October 1995
Lazy Eye
Vinyl 10"
Reissued in 2005 as a bonus disc to Up the Downstair.
Futile July 2003
July 2006
Burning Shed
The opening track in the Burning Shed edition was originally intended to open the In Absentia album, and is previously unissued.
Nil Recurring September 2007
February 2008
The EP is included along within the DVDA and vinyl editions of Fear of a Blank Planet.


Title Release date Label Format Charts [26][27] Details
"Voyage 34" November 1992 Delerium CD/Vinyl 12"
"Voyage 34: Remixes" November 1993 Delerium Vinyl 12"
"Waiting" May 1996 Delerium CD/Vinyl 12"
"Piano Lessons" April 1999 KScope/Snapper CD/Vinyl 7" UK #164
"Stranger by the Minute" October 1999 KScope/Snapper CD/Vinyl 7" UK #138 The CD, besides the video for "Piano Lessons", contains a Macromedia presentation including band photos, lyrics, the discography, and more.
"Pure Narcotic" November 1999 KScope/Snapper CD/Vinyl 7" UK #175
"Four Chords That Made a Million" April 2000 KScope/Snapper CD/Vinyl 7" UK #95 A "Special Limited Edition" CD of 2,000 copies was also released, containing the title track and a demo version of "Even Less".
"Shesmovedon" July 2000 KScope/Snapper CD/Vinyl 7" UK #93 A "Special Limited Edition" CD of 2,000 copies was also released, containing the album version of the title track and a demo version of "Russia On Ice".
"Lazarus" March 2005 Lava/Atlantic CD GER #91 Released only in Germany and Poland.

Video albums[edit]

Title Video details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
Arriving Somewhere...[a]
  • Released: 21 August 2006
  • Label: Snapper/Kscope
  • Format: DVD
4 8 19
  • Released: 20 May 2010
  • Label: Kscope, Roadrunner Records
  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray
1 16
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

Limited editions[edit]

Title Release date Label Format Details
Tarquin's Seaweed Farm 1989
No Man's Land
Cassette Most of these tracks appeared either on the album On the Sunday of Life... or the limited edition CD Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape. However, for the CD issue tracks 3 and 4/5 were retitled "Third Eye Surfer" and "On the Sunday of Life..." respectively. Also the version of "Mute" here is an earlier mix.
Love, Death & Mussolini 1990 No Man's Land Cassette 40-minute tape private pressing of only 10 copies. Contains 7 tracks later to appear on The Nostalgia Factory, plus "Out" (later included on the vinyl edition of Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape) and the elsewhere unavailable "It Will Rain for a Million Years" (a completely different track to the one with the same title included on On the Sunday of Life...)
The Nostalgia Factory 1991 Delerium Cassette Most of these tracks appeared either on the album On the Sunday of Life... or the limited edition CD Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape. "Colours Dance Angels Kiss" and "Hokey Cokey" were later retitled "Track 11" and "Execution of the Will of the Marquis de Sade" respectively. "The Nostalgia Factory" is an earlier version to that on On the Sunday of Life... and "Queen Quotes Crowley" and "This Long Silence" are both about a minute longer than the versions later released on CD. An edit of the track "Sinatra Rape Scene" appears on Up the Downstair as "Monuments Burn into Moments".
Spiral Circus - Live April 1994
February 1997
These recordings are taken from the very first Porcupine Tree live performances. All tracks recorded directly from the mixing desk to cassette or DAT.
Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape 1994
February 2000
Magic Gnome
Gates of Dawn
"The Cross" which appeared on the original CD edition was replaced by the track "Out" (from 1987) on the vinyl edition.

The version of "Radioactive Toy" here is the original cassette version as opposed to the re-recorded and extended version on On the Sunday of Life.... "Mute" is a newer mix to the one on the cassette. "An Empty Box" had not appeared on either cassette but is another recording from the same period. Note that the vinyl edition corrects some factual errors and therefore dates some of the material back to 1984.

Insignificance March 1997 Delerium Cassette Remastered and reissued in 2003 as a bonus disc to Signify.
Metanoia December 1998
December 2001
February 2006
2LP 10"
The digipack reissue on Snapper contains the same music as the Delerium version, but was remastered. A later Kscope reissue was released in Super Jewel Box packaging.
Coma Divine II January 1999 Delerium CD Recorded live during the Coma Divine recordings at the Frontiera, Rome during 26 and 27 March 1997. This release was distributed to subscribers of the Transmission service in 1997.
Stars Die - Rare and Unreleased February 1999 Rock Serwis Cassette Released in Poland only.
Tonefloating : The Use of Ashes vs Steven Wilson February 2000 Tonefloat Vinyl 7" Given away to people attending the Use of Ashes/Steven Wilson acoustic concert in Delft, the Netherlands on 27 February 2000. About 200 copies in existence.
Transmission IV December 2001
March 2006
October 2006
Vinyl 12"
The 2006 reissue is an exact reproduction of originally issued fan club edition, which was released 2001 and which was limited to 500 copies. The reissue has also been remastered by Steven Wilson.
XM July 2003 Transmission CD First release on the band's own Transmission imprint.
Porcupine Tree Sampler 2005 March 2005 Transmission CD
XMII June 2005 Transmission CD
We Lost the Skyline February 2008
March 2008
Porcupine Tree Sampler 2008 October 2008 Transmission CD
Ilosaarirock March 2009 Transmission CD Recorded live at Ilosaarirock Festival, Finland on 14 July 2007, includes the band's complete performance remixed from the multitrack recording made by Finnish radio. Sent out only to members of the Residents of a Blank Planet ticketing club., not available elsewhere.


  • Radio Active EP (1992)
  • Waiting (1996)
  • The Porcupine Tree Delerium EP (2001) - Delerium Records (EP 0016)
  • Porcupine Tree Sampler (2002) - Lava Records (STCD 300954-2)
  • Porcupine Tree Sampler 2002.1 (2002)
  • Porcupine Tree Sampler 2002.2 (2002)
  • Porcupine Tree Sampler 2002.3 (2002)
  • Blackest Eyes (2003)
  • Strip the Soul (2003)
  • The Sound of Muzak (2003)
  • Lava Records Pre-Cleared Songs for Film Vol. 1 (2003)
  • Shallow (2005)
  • Fear of a Blank Planet (2007)
  • Way Out of Here (2007) - Roadrunner Records (RR PROMO 1024)
  • Time Flies (2009) Roadrunner Records
  • Bonnie the Cat [33] (2010) Roadrunner Records

Music videos[edit]


a. ^ Full show from the Deadwing tour filmed at Park West, Chicago in October 2005, edited by Lasse Hoile, with the soundtrack mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound, live performances of "Futile" and "Radioactive Toy" from German TV show Rockpalast, the "Lazarus" promo clip, the live films used during the show for "Start of Something Beautiful", "Halo", and "Mother and Child Divided", Gavin Harrison's "Cymbal Song", and a photo gallery.
b. ^ A special edition has been made available in April, with a regular version following in May. Anesthetize was filmed live over 2 nights in Tilburg, The Netherlands in October 2008, at the end of the Fear of a Blank Planet tour. The 130-minute live film includes a complete performance of the Blank Planet album and 11 other tracks, and was directed and edited by Lasse Hoile on high definition cameras, with the soundtrack mixed into stereo and 5.1 sound. The special edition was released in the form of a cloth bound hard back 120 page book (as per The Incident and Insurgentes deluxe versions) featuring live photography of the band taken over the last 5 years. The book includes both a DVD and a much higher quality Blu-ray disc version of the film, as well as 2 audio CDs of the soundtrack including one bonus track not featured in the film. The book and audio CDs are not be included with the standard retail versions of the Blu-ray/DVD.


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