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The Pori Brigade (Finnish: Porin Prikaati), based in Huovinrinne, Säkylä, is a Finnish Army unit, part of the Western Command of Finland. It comprises the Satakunta Jaeger Battalion, the West Finland Signals Battalion, and the Satakunta Engineer Battalion. It also trains soldiers for the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force, which makes up the 1st Jaeger Company.

Porin Prikaati
The Colour of the Brigade has different emblems on its sides. On the one side, coat-of-arms of Finland Proper, on the other, the coat-of-arms of Satakunta is featured. The main colour scheme follows the colours of Satakunta.
Active 16 February 1626–1809: Björneborgs Regemente (Pori Regiment) Swedish Army
1881–1901: Suomen 2. tarkk'ampujapataljoona (2nd Sharpshooter Battallion of Finland)
1918–1945: Porin rykmentti (Pori Regiment)
1946–1957: Jalkaväkirykmentti 6 (Infantry Regiment 6)
1957–: Porin Prikaati (Pori Brigade)[1]
Country  Finland
Branch Finnish Army seal Finnish Army
Type Infantry
Role Finnish Army Readiness Brigade
International operations of Finnish Army
Size 500 career personnel, 1,600 conscripts[2]
Motto Kunnia, velvollisuus, tahto
(Honor, duty, will)
March Porilaisten marssi
Mascot Crowned bear wielding a sword
Equipment Sisu Pasi
Sisu E11
RK 95 TP
Colonel Juha Pyykönen


Pori Brigade traditions date back to the 17th century. On 16 February 1626, King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden founded the Royal Pori Regiment during the Thirty Years' War. During the Finnish Civil War in 1918, Pori Regiment fought on the South-western front. Its men took successfully part in the Winter War and the Continuation War while serving in a number of regiments. The present name, Pori Brigade, was adopted in 1957.


  • Brigade Headquarters
  • Satakunta Jäger Battalion (SatJP)
    • Headquarters
    • 1st Jäger Company (FRDF)
    • 3rd Jäger Company
    • Mortar Company
  • Western Finland Signal Battalion (L-SVP)
    • Headquarters
    • Signal Company
    • HQ Company (incl. Military Police)
    • Support Company
  • Satakunta Engineer Battalion (SatPionP)
    • Headquarters
    • 1st Engineer Company
    • Anti-Armor Company
  • Crisis Management Center (KriHaK)
  • Support Center (HKesk)

The Satakunta Jäger Battalion trains 3 Jäger, or mechanized infantry companies, primarily equipped with Sisu XA-185 or Patria XA-203 armored personnel carriers. The 1st Jäger Company trains Finnish Rapid Deployment Force servicemen. The 3rd Jäger Company trains with the AMOS Mortar system.

Support Company oversee the supply and transport needs of the other companies and battalions, during peacetime as well as war. The Mortar Company trains conscripts to use medium and heavy mortars. It also trains military police troops.

Satakunta Engineer Battalion consists of two companies: the 1st Engineer Company and the Anti-Tank Company. The 1st Engineer Company produces wartime engineer troops, some of which are assigned to water-crossing units. Mechanics are trained during the summer season to maintain and repair outboard motors. Some of the engineers are trained to operate landing craft or to handle pontoon and crossing equipment. Engineers consctruct and dismantle mobile bridges, build bridges and other consctructions and perform blasting and ground breaking operations. The Anti-Armor Company trains conscripts to operate Anti-tank guided missiles or to use 95 mm recoilless rifles and APILAS AT weapons.

Pori Brigade regularly attracts foreign officials and officers for demonstrations, and has a long history of joint training with NATO and other forces.

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