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Porn groove (or porno groove) is the music soundtrack to typical pornographic films, or a genre of music that imitates such music. The electric guitar with wah-wah pedal is the most common instrument associated with porn groove, and synonymous with the genre. Simple, often minimalistic-sounding drums, with the rimshot sound being commonly associated with porn groove. In some movies such as the popular and influential Deep Throat, the film is cut with the music in mind, making the thrust in the scenes flow with the music.[1] However, porn groove in the 2000s was phased out largely because of the growing popular dirty rap genre, which is basically hip hop music about sex. Dirty hip hop songs have became soundtracks to porn movies instead of the traditional porn groove.

In the ID3 genre notation for MP3 music files, "Porn Groove" is a predefined option.[2]

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