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Studio album by PornoSonic
Released March 9, 2004
Recorded 1971-
Genre Porn Music
Label Valley
Producer Ron Jeremy

Pornosonic started in 1971 when Ron Jeremy met Don Argott, an L.A. session musician. Pornosonic wrote and performed some of the most well-received music for the adult film world over the next 20 years. They produced many credited and uncredited tracks for well known (and less known) films. Recently a "lost" cache of songs was located and two compilations of those songs were released in 2004 & 2005 under the band’s name. According to rumor, many of the band members went on to other musical endeavors, but non-disclosure agreements were signed about their work in Pornosonic, and, while several of the original members went on to become (in)famous names, the management of Pornosonic and the subsequent title holders to their catalogue are not allowed to mention these members by name.

Track listing[edit]

Pornosonic (2004)

  1. Dick Dagger's Theme From Dick Dagger's Big Dick Dilemma
  2. Cramming for College From Cramming for College
  3. Nice n' Sleazy Does It From "If It Ain't Easy It Ain't Sleazy"
  4. Spiderpussy From Spiderpussy
  5. Special Delivery From a Happy Ass
  6. Sex Starved Secretaries From Takin' Dictation
  7. Prepare for Take Off From Mile High Club
  8. Her Magic Carpet From Donna Does DeNise
  9. Laying Pipe From Plumber's DeLight
  10. Spiderpussy (Slight Return) From Spiderpussy 2: Caught in the Web

Cream Streets: Music from the Original Unreleased Motion Picture (2005)

  1. Cream Streets (Theme)
  2. Peach Fuzz
  3. Dick Goes Down
  4. Dirty Pimp (Cum Lin's Theme)
  5. Putana Rodriguez
  6. Deep Inside Peach
  7. Get Peach Fuzz
  8. Peach Pie
  9. In the Way of Dick
  10. Dreaming of Dick
  11. Dick Creeps In
  12. Dick Saves Peach
  13. Cream Streets (Outro)
  14. Dick Dagger's Theme ('76 Remix)
  15. Cream Streets (Trailer)


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