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The Porsche family is a prominent Austrian family of industrialists descending from the automotive pioneer Ferdinand Porsche. Its members have full ownership of the Porsche SE automobile corporation.

Ferdinand Porsche was born to a German-speaking family of Maffersdorf, Bohemia, son of Anton Porsche (1845-1908) and Anna Ehrlich. The Sudeten German surname Porsche can be traced to the 18th-century in the area of Reichenberg (now Liberec), Bohemia.[1] The surname originates with the German word Bursche ("boy, young man, apprentice, farmhand") and is on record in northern Bohemia in various spellings (Porsch, Borsche, Borsch, Bursche, Bursch, Pursch, Pursche etc.) from the early 1600s.

Aloisia Johanna Kaes
Ferdinand Porsche
Anton Piëch
Louise Porsche
Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche
Dorothea Reitz
Ernst Piëch
(1929– )
Louise Daxer-Piëch
Ferdinand Piëch
(1937– )
Hans-Michel Piëch
(1942– )
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
Gerhard Porsche
(1938– )
Hans-Peter Porsche
(1940– )
Wolfgang Porsche
(1943– )
Susanne Bresser
(1952– )
Ferdinand Oliver Porsche
Mark Porsche

The father of Chris Reitz, the former head of design for Alfa Romeo, was adopted by Dorothea, the wife of Ferry.


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