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Sunset on the beach in Port Salut
Sunset on the beach in Port Salut
Nickname(s): P.S.
Port-Salut is located in Haiti
Location in Haiti
Coordinates: 18°4′35″N 73°55′0″W / 18.07639°N 73.91667°W / 18.07639; -73.91667
Country Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti
Department Sud
Arrondissement Port-Salut
Beach at Port-Salut (2005)

Port-Salut is a coastal town in the Sud Department of Haiti and the hometown of Haiti's deposed president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was born there in 1953 and the Prime Minister Jean-Marie Cherestal.[1] Port-Salut is a popular destination for local Haitians as well as tourists to a certain degree seeking relaxation and tranquility due to the beautiful beaches that the town is surrounded by. The area has yet to be discovered on a mainstream tourist level. With proper management and investment, Port-Salut could become a major tourist destination in Haiti[original research?], a country whose tourism industry, full of potential[according to whom?], has been struggling for decades. From Les Cayes to Port-Salut, take a look at General Joseph Glemaud's locality Marcabee, a suburb of Port-Salut which has been taken care by its own citizens local or diaspora. An effort, an example of local area development by their own citizens. MPM is the organization in charge of this little locality. Auquini Vante, Denis Glemaud, and Paul Claudel Glemaud have initiated this movement with other local citizens, and now represented by other members living in New-York. HOHS is a medical group that also gets involved in humanitarian help... Port-Salut is a great area in Haiti with all suburbs that can easily, with more help, develop the tourism as known as beautiful beaches, people, and environment. Port Salut also has several hotels including Dan's Creek & Fortress Inn.


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Coordinates: 18°4′N 73°55′W / 18.067°N 73.917°W / 18.067; -73.917

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