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Port Disney was a planned property of The Walt Disney Company that was to have been built next to Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, California, United States. The property was to have featured a marine-themed theme park, a marina, a cruise ship port, a specialty retail and entertainment area, and hotel accommodations. It was also to have incorporated the RMS Queen Mary and Spruce Goose, which Disney acquired as a result of acquiring the Wrather company in 1989.

Port Disney was announced in 1991 via a publication called "The Port Disney News". The project was canceled amid financial constraints which also brought down the planned WestCOT theme park in Anaheim. Some elements of the theme park that was to have been built at Port Disney were incorporated into Tokyo DisneySea.

The Port Disney News[edit]

The Port Disney news publication was produced by Disney and distributed to Long Beach residents in 1991. The paper was made to look like a newspaper and was used mainly to create public support for the planned property. The Port Disney News saw only one printing and was abandoned. Most of the information available about Port Disney comes from this publication.

According to former Disney cast members, the company abandoned the idea mainly due to its significant financial problems caused by the EuroDisney Project (the cost of the construction and operation of the marina was an estimated $1 billion at the time) which ultimately led to the cancellation of the Port Disney and the planned Disney WestCOT Project. City of Long Beach employees say that it was abandoned because the city did not agree to make expensive improvements to the Long Beach Freeway and other roads leading to the development site as requested by Disney.

A similar publication was produced for Virginia residents relating to the unbuilt Disney's America park.

DisneySea Theme Park[edit]

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A lone theme park touted for the new property would have been DisneySea. However this park would have been quite different from the DisneySea park in Tokyo.

Other aspects[edit]

Disney's property at Long Beach would have included amenities outside the park including:

  • Five hotels (Including the RMS Queen Mary)
  • A specialty retail and entertainment area
  • 400-boat marina
  • "Cruise Ship Port": The home port for a west coast line for the Disney Cruise line.
  • The Spruce Goose was also to be displayed here

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