Port Island (Gdańsk)

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The Island (German: Danzig - Krakau) located between Gdańsk Bay, Śmiała Wisła and Leniwka. The area of the island belongs to the city of Gdańsk, Poland and is divided into 2 quarters:

Total: population 22,167, area 25,7 km²


The Island is very important[clarification needed] industrial strip.[citation needed] Gdańsk refinery is located there, together with many facilities of the Gdańsk Port.


Wisłoujście, 17th-century fortress that used to guard the mouth of the Gdańsk Port. The place where the Second World War started,[citation needed] Westerplatte is also located there.[original research?]

Coordinates: 54°22′52″N 18°43′23″E / 54.38111°N 18.72306°E / 54.38111; 18.72306