Port Musgrave

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Port Musgrave
Country Australia Australia
Location Queensland
Coordinates 11°57′11″S 141°55′26″E / 11.953°S 141.924°E / -11.953; 141.924Coordinates: 11°57′11″S 141°55′26″E / 11.953°S 141.924°E / -11.953; 141.924

Port Musgrave is a shallow, almost enclosed, estuary, forming a bay on the western coast of the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland, Australia. Two major rivers, the Wenlock and the Ducie discharge into it. The surrounding area is rich in freshwater swamps, while the estuary itself has tidal flats and mangroves, including stands of the Nipa Palm. It is an important breeding area for Saltwater Crocodiles. The small Aboriginal community of Mapoon lies on the southern shore of the bay.[1]