Port Road, Adelaide

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Port Road
South Australia
OIC port road zoom towards cbd.jpg
Looking towards the Adelaide city centre from Port Road
General information
Type Road
Length 12 km (7 mi)
Route number(s)
  • A21
  • (Adelaide CBD - Hindmarsh)
  • A7
  • (Hindmarsh - Queenstown)
Major junctions
SE end West Terrace, Adelaide
NW end Grand Junction Road, Queenstown, Adelaide
Major suburbs Adelaide, Thebarton, West Croydon, Kilkenny, Woodville South, Woodville, Woodville West, Albert Park, Cheltenham, Alberton, Port Adelaide

Port Road (state route A7) is a major road in Adelaide, South Australia connecting the central business district with Port Adelaide.[1] It is 12 km (7.5 mi) long and exceptionally wide, approximately 70 m. When first conceived upon the establishment of Adelaide, it was designed to be able to accommodate a standard road, a railway line and a canal. The canal and railway line were never created in the road allotment: the railway line when built in 1853 was built 1 km to the east.

In the 1968 MATS plan the road was destined to be upgraded to become the Port Freeway. The plan fell through, yet in 2005 the Government of South Australia announced a 600 m tunnel for South Road below Port Road and the railway line, but the plan has been postponed indefinitely.

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