Port of Beaumont

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Port of Beaumont
Country United States
Location Beaumont, Texas
Coordinates 30°4′6″N 94°5′4″W / 30.06833°N 94.08444°W / 30.06833; -94.08444Coordinates: 30°4′6″N 94°5′4″W / 30.06833°N 94.08444°W / 30.06833; -94.08444
Opened 1908
Operated by Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County

The Port of Beaumont is a deep-water port located in Beaumont, Texas near the mouth of the Neches River.

It is the fourth busiest port in the United States according to the American Association of Port Authorities and the thirty-fourth largest in the world in terms of tonnage. It is also the busiest military port in the U.S. and the second busiest military port in the world[1] and the headquarters of the United States Army's 842d Transportation Battalion, which specializes in port logistical activity.


The port is located approximately 84 miles east of Houston and 270 miles west of New Orleans. It is about 42 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico along the Sabine-Neches Waterway.[2]


The Port of Beaumont handles the fourth largest amount of shipping in the US, in tonnage, with only South Louisiana, Houston and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey handling more.

The port's origins date to 1908, when crews dug a 9-foot-deep canal in the Neches River from Beaumont, Texas to the existing Port Arthur ship channel. The port's channel was later deepened to 25 feet and a turning basin was added. By the 1940s, the channel's depth increased to 40 feet.[2]

Once a division of the city of Beaumont, the 51st Texas Legislature established the port as a navigation district, or separate taxing entity, in 1949.[2]


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