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Football variants

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There are many variants of association football played around the world, these use widely differing rules and some have a more formal structure than others. Games such as Indoor soccer were created to provide year-round play, others such as Paralympic football were created to allow those with disabilities to compete. Some games, such as Footballtennis, are not related to association football but use a football to produce a variant of another game.

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Paralympic football consists of adaptations of the sport of association football for athletes with a disability. These sports are typically played using International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) rules, with modifications to the field of play, equipment, numbers of players, and other rules as required to make the game suitable for the athletes.

The two most prominent versions of Paralympic football are Football 5-a-side, for athletes with visual impairments, and Football 7-a-side, for athletes with cerebral palsy.

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An old division football match in 1874.


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