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Selected pictures list

Selected picture 1

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/1

Pioneer10-plaque tilt.jpg
Credit: Designed by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake

The illustration on the Pioneer plaque, an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence


Selected picture 2

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/2

PIA01130 Interior of Europa.jpg
Credit: NASA/JPL

Europa, due to the ocean that exists under its icy surface, might host some form of microbial life


Selected picture 3

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/3

Telescope Kepler-NASA.jpeg
Credit: NASA

The NASA Kepler mission, launched in March 2009, searches for extrasolar planets


Selected picture 4

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/4

Arecibo message.svg
Credit: Arne Nordmann

The Arecibo message was broadcast into space a single time via frequency modulated radio waves at a ceremony to mark the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope on 16 November 1974. This image uses color to highlight its separate parts. The actual binary transmission carried no color information.


Selected picture 5

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/5

Benzopyrene DNA adduct 1JDG.png
Credit: Richard Wheeler

Nucleic acids may not be the only biomolecules in the Universe capable of coding for life processes


Selected picture 6

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/6

ALH84001 structures.jpg
Credit: NASA

The Allan Hills meteorite, when examined under an electron microscope. Could those chain structures be evidence of microbial life from mars?


Selected picture 7

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/7 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/7

Selected picture 8

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/8 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/8

Selected picture 9

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/9 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/9

Selected picture 10

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/10 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/10

Selected picture 11

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/11 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/11

Selected picture 12

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Selected picture 13

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Selected picture 14

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Selected picture 15

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Selected picture 16

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Selected picture 17

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Selected picture 18

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Selected picture 19

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Selected picture 20

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Selected picture 21

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Selected picture 22

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/22 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/22

Selected picture 23

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/23 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/23

Selected picture 24

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/24 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/24

Selected picture 25

Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/25 Portal:Astrobiology/Selected picture/25