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Dallas is the third-largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth-largest in the United States. The city covers almost 400 square miles (1,000 km2) and is the county seat of Dallas County. As of 2005, U.S. Census estimates put Dallas at a population of 1,213,825. The city is the main cultural and economic center of the 12-county Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area—at 6 million people, it is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Dallas is one of 11 U.S. "world cities" also known as "global cities", as ranked by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network.

Dallas was founded in 1841 and formally incorporated as a city on February 2, 1856. The city is known globally as a center for telecommunications, computer technology, banking, and transportation. It is the core of the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States and lacks any navigable link to the sea—Dallas' prominence despite this comes from its historical importance as a center for the oil and cotton industries, its position along numerous railroad lines, and its powerful industrial and financial tycoons.


Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in the state of Texas, 18th-largest city in the United States and voted one of "America’s Most Livable Communities".

Situated in North Texas, Fort Worth covers nearly 300 square miles (780 km2) in Tarrant and Denton counties, serving as the county seat for Tarrant County. As of the 2006 U.S. Census estimate, Fort Worth had a population of 653,320. It has become one of the fastest growing cities in the country due to its warm climate, numerous business opportunities, low cost of living and wide array of attractions. The city is the second-largest cultural and economic center of the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area, the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. with a population of 6 million in 12 counties.

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