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DYK list[edit]

Portal:Education/Did you know/1

Thomas Trueblood
  • ...that race car journalist and former race car driver Dr. Dick Berggren decided to stop teaching college psychology after he was called into the college president's office because he parked his racecar in the faculty parking lot?

Portal:Education/Did you know/2

Portal:Education/Did you know/3

Portal:Education/Did you know/4 Playground

  • ...that a polymath (also known as a polyhistor) is a person who excels in multiple fields, particularly in both arts and sciences. The most common other term for this phenomenon is Renaissance man?

Portal:Education/Did you know/5 Francis W Parker

Portal:Education/Did you know/6 Henryk Zielińsk

  • ...that although the parents of Juan Bautista Rael, a Stanford University professor and folklorist, sent him away for schooling due to limited educational options in their town, he focused his academic career on the folk plays and religious songs of that region?
  • ...that Huron University, the first institute of higher education to grant a degree in the then-Dakota Territory, closed in 2005 after 123 years of existence and its assets were auctioned off?

Portal:Education/Did you know/7

  • ...that Flying University was the secret educational conspiratorial enterprise that existed in Warsaw, Poland, in various forms in the 19th and 20th century to provide education outside of the dominating ideology?

Portal:Education/Did you know/8

  • ...that in 1971, a Damascus school founded by Ozar Hatorah, a Jewish religious education organisation, was named by Syria as having the highest grades in the country?

Portal:Education/Did you know/9

Portal:Education/Did you know/10

Portal:Education/Did you know/11

Portal:Education/Did you know/12

Portal:Education/Did you know/13 SGH War Memorial—Singapore

Portal:Education/Did you know/14 Middletown, NY, High School

  • ...that The Harvey School, a rural school in New York, was established to give an education to the founder's handicapped son?

Portal:Education/Did you know/15 Calhoun Colored School

Portal:Education/Did you know/16

  • ...that Arcadia University changed its name from "Beaver College" because the latter "...too often elicited ridicule in the form of derogatory remarks"?

Portal:Education/Did you know/17

Portal:Education/Did you know/18 Portal:Education/Did you know/18

Portal:Education/Did you know/19 Portal:Education/Did you know/19

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