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The Estrie is an administrative region of Quebec, Canada that overlaps mostly (not entirely) the Eastern Townships. Estrie, a French name, was coined as a derivative of est, "east."

The region has a land area of 10,209.4 km² (3,941.87 sq mi) and a 2006 census population of 298,779 inhabitants. Its largest population centre is the city of Sherbrooke. The township portion of it is lying between the former seigneuries south of the Saint Lawrence River and the United States border. Its northern boundary roughly followed the Logan Line, the geologic boundary between the flat, fertile St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Appalachian Mountains.

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Sherbrooke (2006 population: 147,427) is a city in the Estrie region of Quebec, Canada. Sherbrooke is situated at the confluence of the Saint-François (St. Francis) and Magog rivers in the heart of the Estrie administrative region. Sherbrooke is also the name of a territory equivalent to a regional county municipality (TE) and census division (CD) of Quebec, coextensive with the city of Sherbrooke.

Part of a region historically known as the Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke was first settled in 1793 by American Loyalists, including Gilbert Hyatt, a farmer from Schenectady, New York, who built a flour mill in 1802. The village was named "Hyatt's Mills" until 1818 when the village was renamed after Governor General Sir John Sherbrooke at the time of his retirement and return to England.

The city grew considerably on January 1, 2002, by the mergers of the cities of Sherbrooke, Ascot, Bromptonville, Deauville, Fleurimont, Lennoxville, Rock Forest, and Saint-Élie-d'Orford.


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Joseph-Armand Bombardier (French pronunciation: ​[ʒozɛf aʁmɑ̃ bɔ̃baʁdje]) (April 16, 1907 – February 18, 1964) was a Canadian inventor and businessman, and was the founder of Bombardier.

Born to a large family of prosperous farmers and small shopkeepers in the small town of Valcourt, not too far from Sherbrooke, southeast of Montreal in the province of Quebec. Bombardier's brothers were later to help him out in several aspects of running what would eventually become a large mechanical engineering concern, leaving him free to concentrate on mechanical innovations and high-level corporate orientations. Later still his own sons and daughters were to be instrumental in making his company grow to international proportions.

Bombardier was largely self-taught, picking up mechanical engineering by fixing things, reading, and taking notes. He had a mechanical genius and a driving ambition to make the winter months as easy to navigate as the other ones. The first snowmobile of his teenage years was a small surface-skimming contraption with a propeller.



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