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The table below includes candidate annotations which might be inferred from contributions to the Gene Wiki, but which did not already exist in gene annotations from GOA Database (downloaded through NCBI). To contribute, please see the annotation guide.

Article Entrez Gene Diff GO Annotation PMID
Apelin 8862 [1] [2] GO:0008217: regulation of blood pressure 10617103
Apelin 8862 [3][4] GO:0046676: negative regulation of insulin secretion 15970338
FTO gene 79068 [5] GO:0080111: DNA demethylation 17991826
Dual oxidase 1 53905 [6][7] GO:0010310: regulation of hydrogen peroxide metabolic process 16321800
NFE2L2 4780 [8][9] GO:0006979: response to oxidative stress 18268004