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The following have appeared on the Heraldry and Vexillology portal as part of the "Did you know" series:

    May 2006[edit]

    Adam Bruce, Finlaggan Pursuivant

    June 2006[edit]

    Thornbury Castle

    July 2006[edit]

    • ...that in almost 100 years of existence, Ireland King of Arms granted only four known coats of arms, two of which were within the heraldic jurisdiction of other kings of arms and so annulled or regranted?

    August-September 2006[edit]

    Coat of arms of Schleswig-Holstein

    October 2006[edit]

    Flag of Lesotho

    • ...that Lesotho adopted a new flag (pictured) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its independence?
    • ...that a bumerke is a house mark with relation to coats of arms as it was frequently used instead of them and used with a shield as a frame work for the mark?

    November 2006[edit]

    Flag of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    • ...that the Alphyn, a rare heraldic creature, was the badge of the Barons de La Warr?

    December 2006-January 2007[edit]

    Flag of Trondheim

    • ...that the Norwegian heraldic authority forbade any other municipality to use the dog rose which appears on the Flag of Trondheim (pictured), because of the symbol's long association with that city?
    • ...that the Karavas were the only Sri Lankan community traditionally entitled to use flags?

    February 2007[edit]

    Coat of arms of Lardal

    March 2007[edit]

    April 2007[edit]

    Thomas Hawley

    • ...that the Pennon, one of the principal varieties of flag carried during the Middle Ages, derives its name from the Latin penna, meaning wing?

    June-July 2007[edit]

    Annunciation commissioned by Ferry de Clugny, 1465-75

    • ...that the current rendering of the mermaid in the coat of arms of Ustka is the result of a two-year debate over the size of her breasts?

    August 2007[edit]

    • ...that the system of heraldry has two main methods to designate the tinctures of arms: hatching and "tricking", i. e. designation of tinctures by means of abbrevations or signs?
    • ...that the The College of Dracology for the Study of Fabulous Beasts is an organization dedicated to the study of dragons and other fabulous beasts, particularly with respect to their use in heraldry?

    September 2007[edit]

    Flag of Denmark

    • ...that the Dannebrog (pictured) is the oldest state flag in the world still in use, with the earliest undisputed source dating back to the 14th century?
    • ...that heraldic badges were common in the Middle Ages, particularly in England?

    December 2007[edit]

    Flag of the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium

    January 2008[edit]

    William Segar, Garter Principal King of Arms, early 17th century

    February 2008[edit]

    William Peyton as Delhi Herald Extraordinary in 1911

    April 2008[edit]

    Attributed arms of Satan

    May 2008[edit]

    Flag of the Republic of the South Moluccas

    July-August 2008[edit]

    Coat of arms of the Guardia di Finanza

    September-October 2008[edit]

    US flag with 47 stars

    December 2008[edit]

    Romanian Flag

    Gadsen flag

    January 2009[edit]

    February 2009[edit]

    April 2009[edit]

    May 2009[edit]

    A Buddhist flag flying in Beijing

    June 2009[edit]

    July 2009[edit]

    Flag of Nunavut

    August 2009[edit]

    October 2009[edit]

    Flag of Brisbane

    • ...that the three caducei on the Flag of Brisbane (pictured) represent Hermes' role as the protector of commerce, and not its more familiar meaning associated with medicine?
    • ...that the current flag of Bhutan was introduced after it was noticed the previous square version didn't flutter like the flag of India?

    December 2009[edit]

    MacLeod coat of arms

    January 2010[edit]

    February 2010[edit]

    March 2010[edit]

    April 2010[edit]

    Georgia state flag 2001-2003

    • ...that while the 126.8 metre Raghadan Flagpole is both earthquake and weather-resistant, the 60 metre by 30 metre Flag of Jordan that it flies must be lowered during high winds due to excessive noise?

    July 2010[edit]

    August 2010[edit]

    September 2010[edit]

    October 2010[edit]

    Manuel Belgrano holding the Flag of Argentina

    January 2011[edit]

    May 2011[edit]

    June 2011[edit]

    July 2011[edit]

    August 2011[edit]

    The flag Bendera Pusaka is raised on 17 August 1945

    October 2011[edit]

    • ...that educator Anna Essinger, ordered to fly the swastika on Hitler's birthday in 1933, planned a day-long outing for her school, leaving the flag to fly over an empty building?

    November 2011[edit]

    October 2012[edit]

    Coat of arms of Toppenstedt

    • ...that the flags hoisted by the Finnish icebreaker Tarmo on 3 March 1918 included a large white tablecloth?